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Saturday, January 26, 2013

kailash kher songs

Kailash Kher Biography

Born July 7, 1973 in Meerut on the outskirts of Delhi, to a family with Kashmiri roots, Kher moved to New Delhi as a young child. Kher’s father, a Hindu priest, was an amateur musician whose performances of traditional folk songs were a regular household event. Even as a four year old, Kher revealed a natural musical talent and he would often impress friends and family by belting out songs with his prematurely powerful voice. At the age of 14, Kher left home in search of a guru or an institution to further his musical training, and he embarked on years of classical and folk music study. Although he couldn’t find the right guru or a school and he started learning Music by listening it. His playlist then use to be Indian classical, Pandit Kumar Gandharv, Pandit Bhimsen Joshi, Pandit Gokulotsav Maharaj and later even Nusrat Fetah Ali Khan,Lata Mangeshkar and their contemporaries.

  At first, his parents discouraged his dedication to music, and in deference to their wishes Kher tried his hand at the export business. Clearly, his passions lay elsewhere, as this endeavor proved a failure.

  In 2001,Kher left New Delhi for Mumbai, the epicenter of India’s highly competitive music industry, to seek his fortunes as a professional singer. For a while, Kher struggled, living in cheap residence, hostels and eking out whatever musical work he could find to make ends meet. Kher’s first recording was on an advertising jingle for a diamond company, for which he was paid Rs. 5000 (Equivalent to $100).

  Soon after recording a handful of jingles, the raw, earthy and soulful strength of his voice - often compared to the late qawwali maestro Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - caught the attention of every production house and film composer in Mumbai.

  His big break came with the song “Allah Ke Bande” from the movie Waisa Bhi Hota Hai Part II. The song became more famous then the film itself, and its success made him a household name. By 2004, Kher had been catapulted into the national spotlight, and has since performed on over three hundred and fifty Hindi film soundtracks, has sung in over eighteen languages on a number of regional Indian films, not to mention recording more than five hundred radio and television advertising jingles.

  Though the Bollywood playback world has proven rewarding, Kher finds more personal satisfaction in the music he writes and records with Naresh and Paresh Kamath, brothers and prominent members of his band Kailasa. Fixtures on the Indian rock and pop scene. Combining Kher’s strong traditional folk sensibilities and lyrics invoking mysticism, with Naresh and Paresh’s more  contemporary influences, Kailash Kher & Kailasa released their first album, Kailasa, in 2006, which resulted in the smash hits “Teri Deewani” and “Tauba Tauba.” This was followed in 2007 by their second album Jhoomo Re, which was also a critical and commercial success with Tracks as Saaiyan and Jhoomo re.

  In 2008, Kher was invited to become a judge on the television series Indian Idol, (India’s Most popular Music reality show and Indian version of American Idol). With his bubbly spirit and an infectious, expansive personality, Kher endeared himself to the Indian mainstream.

  Kailash Kher and His Band Kailasa Has performed over 800 concerts in the span of approximately eight years across the globe. He has not only performed for the south east Asian diaspora but has also mesmerized the international audiences in the festivals & Venues as GlobalFest at Webster hall,New York’s Webster Hall, Stern Grove Festival (San Francisco),Celebrate Brooklyn, Santa Monica Pier Festival (LA), Fillmore Centre (San Francisco),Hollywood Bowl (LA),Apollo Hemmersmith London,Symphony Hall (Birmingham) Messy Centre,(Toronto) where Kher’s true artistry was on display.

 2009 Kailash Kher & Kailasa released their third album Kailasa Chaandan Mein, its popularity has proved that Kailash has mastered the art of making hits. This Hattrik Hit got him his first international album on the acclaimed independent record label Cumbancha.

 Kailash’s Gaining popularity has today made him one of the busiest Music artists for his unmatched live performance and stage wit. All Major television channels has roped in Kailash Kher on Various shows including Saregamapa Lil Champs (zee),Mission Ustaad (9X),Indian Idol (Sony),IPL Rockstar (Colors).Rock 0n (MTV)

  Never ones to rest on their laurels, 2012 saw the release of their fourth album “Kailasa Rangeele” The time has come for the world to discover a voice that millions of Indians already consider one of the greatest in music today.