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Friday, March 29, 2013

Artcell all Songs Download Artcell Bangla Songs

 Artcell all Songs Download and play online

Artcell is a Bangladeshi progressive rock band formed in October 1999.According to The Daily Star, a leading English national daily, Artcell is "one of the leading rock bands of the country"

Band member
George Lincoln D'Costa, Lincoln- Vocal & Rhythm Guitar(1999–2013)
Saef Al Nazi, Cézanne - Bass,Back up vocals(1999–2013)
Kazi Sajjadul Asheqeen, Shaju – Drums(1999–2013)

Oniket Prantor Album

Smrity Ebong Amra - Artcell 
Chayar Ninad - Artcell       
Dhushor Shomoy - Artcell
Ghune Khawa Rodh - Artcell       
Gontobbohin - Artcell       
Leen - Artcell       
Oniket Prantor - Artcell 
Pathor Bagan - Artcell       
Shohid Shoroni - Artcell  
Smriti Sharok - Artcell       
Tomake - Artcell

Onno Shomoy

Bhul Jonmo - Artcell       
Chera Akash - Artcell       
Dukhya Bilas - Artcell   
Itihash - Artcell       
Kritrim Manush - Artcell       
Mukhosh - Artcell       
Obosh Onuvutir Deyal - Artcell       
Olosh Shomoyer Pare - Artcell       
Onnoshomoy - Artcell   
Poth Chola - Artcell   
Rahur Grash - Artcell